New and Used General Purpose Containers for Sale and Hire

The General Purpose Shipping Container is the most popular choice for domestic and commercial use in Perth and Western Australia. Due to its variety of potential uses, the General Purpose container is the perfect choice for a range of unique customer needs – from storage of personal goods to complete container conversion. A General Purpose Container from Shipping Containers Melbourne is the perfect solution to your shipping container needs. Contact one of our friendly team to discuss purchase or hire now!

Buying New

If you are looking for a brand new container in immaculate condition to use on your site, bring high exposure to your brand or store and lock away equipment or personal items with peace of mind, then Shipping Containers Melbourne will have the perfect solution for you. A new shipping container is a great choice. See the containers below to provide a better understanding of the variations we can supply.

Types and Sizes

The General Purpose Containers on offer at Shipping Containers Perth come in a variety of size configurations, so you can choose the most appropriate container for your storage, shipment or conversion requirements. Our smallest container is 10ft (measuring 3m long, 2.4m wide and 2.5m tall), followed by our 20ft container (which increases container length to 6m) and then our 40ft container (which boasts an impressive 12.1m length). Our General Purpose Containers are also available in double door or side opening configurations for easier access and increased efficiency when loading or unloading goods. Offering both new and used containers for purchase or hire, Shipping Containers Perth is sure to have the perfect container for you, every time!

Quality and Pricing

All of our containers are constructed from high quality Corton steel. The General Purpose containers have a 30,000kg weight capacity and a 30mm marine ply timber flooring. Constructed originally for the transportation of goods by sea, you can rest assured that these containers are durable, robust and built to survive some of the worst and most challenging weather conditions. Moreover, our biggest concern is the safety of your items. For this reason, our containers are fitted with locks so you can keep your goods secure, no matter the location. The strength and durability of our containers means whether you need a container for 1 month or 100 years, you can be confident in quality and resilience. 

Delivery and Supply

We ship Australia wide, so wherever your site is located in Perth or WA, we’re able to deliver directly to your door. The General Purpose containers are highly transportable and can be moved from site to site with ease. Chat to one of our friendly team today to discuss the most cost effective and efficient delivery method available. We strive for same day dispatch and guarantee that your container will be with you when you need it. If you need a container for storage of goods, transporting items or conversion into a container home or office, the general purpose container is perfect for you. Contact us today or get a quote above to get more information!

3 container sizes to choose from

Whether you‘re buying or hiring, our general purpose shipping containers come in three sizes: 10 Ft, 20 Fl’, 40 Ft… New or Used!

10 ft Containers

A 10ft (or 3 m) shipping container is a great option for secure, sturdy storage when you have limited or hard to access spaces They‘re easily transportable and come in a range ol colours. in three variations

20 ft Containers

Our 20‘ general purpose containers are made with strong Corten steel, offer thick wood flooring and standard double doors that open 270 degrees They make it easy and convenient to keep your items sale and secure!

40 ft Container

40‘ general purpose shipping containers are useful tor people requiring a container for larger items such as building materials and large amounts of furniture. Handy storage at a reasonable price, that’s our 40-footer!

Hire or Buy with complete confidence

We offer the very best deals on new and used shipping containers, as well as shipping containers available for hire. Great prices and fast deliveries to you door, anywhere in Perth and WA.

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