New and Used Side Opening Shipping Containers for Sale

Do you need a shipping container that has enhanced practicality and efficiency for unloading and loading goods or accessing equipment with ease? The side-opening container might be the perfect option for you. Will full bi-fold side doors, access will become incredibly easy and painless, making storage and shipment of odd shaped items a breeze. Contact our team today to get more information!

Buying New

If you’re looking for a Side Opening container in perfect condition that will offer an ideal storage, shipment or brand exposure solution then a new shipping container is perfect for you. Maybe you want to modify and totally customise a container for your unique needs. Our range of brand new containers has immense potential for standard or modified use. Get in touch with our friendly team or submit a quote request above to find out more!

Types and Sizes

Our range of side opening containers offers the same great benefits of the general purpose container, with added access flexibility for an even more user-friendly experience. Our side opening containers come in two sizes. Our 20ft option measures 6m long, 2.4m wide and 2.5m tall while our 40ft container increases the length to a massive 12m – giving you copious amounts of space for whatever your unique needs. There are a number of variations, also, with high cube, both side opening and dangerous good side opening containers available for purchase. Just chat to one of our team members to discuss which option is the best for you!

Quality and Pricing

At Shipping Containers Perth, we guarantee high quality and robust containers with every purchase. Our containers are guaranteed weather resistant, water proof, dust proof and vermin proof, and they come with secure locks that mean the contents are safe and protected for as long as you need. 

Delivery and Supply

Shipping Containers Perth boasts Australia wide delivery, so no matter where you’re located in Perth of WA, we can get the perfect shipping container to you. Just ensure you’ve got a flat surface for us to place the container on and we’ll handle the rest. Once you’ve decided to buy from us, we’ll be in contact to organise the most efficient delivery method for your site, taking into account space restrictions that may be evident. It’s that simple. Chat to one of our friendly team members today or submit a quote request for more information.

3 container sizes to choose from

Whether you‘re buying or hiring, our general purpose shipping containers come in three sizes: 10 Ft, 20 Fl’, 40 Ft… New or Used!

10 ft Containers

A 10ft (or 3 m) shipping container is a great option for secure, sturdy storage when you have limited or hard to access spaces They‘re easily transportable and come in a range ol colours. in three variations

20 ft Containers

Our 20‘ general purpose containers are made with strong Corten steel, offer thick wood flooring and standard double doors that open 270 degrees They make it easy and convenient to keep your items sale and secure!

40 ft Container

40‘ general purpose shipping containers are useful tor people requiring a container for larger items such as building materials and large amounts of furniture. Handy storage at a reasonable price, that’s our 40-footer!

Hire or Buy with complete confidence

We offer the very best deals on new and used shipping containers, as well as shipping containers available for hire. Great prices and fast deliveries to you door, anywhere in Perth and WA.

Our Promise to you

  • The best prices
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