Shelter Container Modifications

As shipping containers have grown in popularity, the potential uses have become increasingly innovative and interesting. A new addition to the shipping container family is the shipping container shelter. These shelters are, by definition, an add on structure and can be used as storage spaces, carparks, green houses or general overhead protection from rain, hail or sunshine.

Sizes and Types

Shelter containers are essentially general purpose containers with shelter attachments that serve to provide creative and innovative covered outdoor spaces. They are available as additions to 10ft, 20ft or 40ft containers and can be attached at the centre if there are multiple shelters in one area. They boast a tall outline and cover a large amount of area so are the perfect solution for your sheltering needs.

Quality and Price

Our container shelters are constructed from high quality and robust materials, meaning they are more secure than traditional shelter options that you may find elsewhere. They are extremely sturdy where it counts, with guaranteed wind and water resistance for added comfort and convenience. They are constructed from non-corrosive steel which means you can rest assured they will stand the test of time. For added convenience, they are extremely easy to assemble, dismantle and reassemble which makes them highly portable and flexible for any site requirements. Furthermore, the container shelters are extremely cost effective and offer an ideal solution to providing a well-ventilated yet highly protected sheltered outdoor space.

Delivery and Supply

For added convenience Container Traders Perth ship anywhere in the Western Australian region, directly to your door. In fact, we ship Australia wide so whatever location or site restriction you may have, we will endeavour to arrange the most ideal, cost effective and efficient delivery solution. Just chat to one of our friendly team to discuss which option is best for you and your unique requirements. We boast same day dispatch and the fastest shelter delivery on the market so you can rest assured that you’re container shelter will arrive in a timely manner.

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